Safe and Healthy Homes

Smoke detectors save lives, replace their batteries
Don't idle, carbon monoxide kills
How I sleep through the sound of the carbon monoxide detector after I start a gas-powered generator in my garage meme
States where $14/hour can afford a 2 bedroom apartment annual meeting meme
Me dead from never cleaning my chimney and napping by the fireplace meme
Hmm when was the last time I replaced the batteries in my carbon monoxide alarm meme
Smoking sucks
Be grateful for your breath
1 in 13 people in the US have asthma, be grateful for your breath
Living that air filter life
My asthma is acting up
Common household asthma triggers: dust, mold, roaches, pets, and smoke
Me with asthma in a poor neighborhood meme
So we think this town could use a Whole Foods and a new artisanal bakery on the corner meme
A bright idea! Change your bulbs to LEDs and save energy!
Me with asthma trying to breathe at my friend's house meme
You haven't checked the functionality of your smoke detector in a while, have you? meme
How I sleep knowing the gas-powered generator running in my garage is keeping my house warm during a blackout meme
How I sleep through the sound of my carbon monoxide alarm after I start up my gas-powered generator inside my garage meme
Use LED bulbs to save energy and prevent fires
When you're trying to get to your apartment but all your neighbors smoke motion meme
Why would you even smoke these? You know they're slowly killing you meme
Big oil near low-income neighborhoods be like meme
Oil companies telling poor communities they put refineries next to that 'there is no risk' meme
Me vs other people when I accidentally leave my stove on meme
If everyone with a gas stove in the US switched to an induction stove, carbon emissions would be reduced by 25 million tons annually motion meme
Imagine forgetting you left your gas stove on and burning your house down meme
"I can't wait to own a home of my own" facing low wages and high rent meme
Housing Justice Now Spanish text
Home is where there's housing justice Spanish text
Everyone deserves a place to thrive and grow Spanish text
Build abundant communities Spanish text