Nurses on the Frontline

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We Will put an end to healthcare deserts
We Work Hella Hard Espanol
Nurse burnout affects us all
Let nurses lead
More Nurses rainbow text
Is the US healthcare system the best in the world? meme
Let Nurses Lead latex gloves
Area nurses 'ran ragged' during pandemic; frustrated by pay cut meme
Hospital exec with a $2 million salary meme
Hospital revenue vs nurses' pay meme
When you realize a parking spot makes more per hour than you do as a nurse meme
Things that will make you poor - being a nurse meme
Hospital divvying out the nurses' share of the revenue meme
Hospital execs being rich while the nurses are homeless meme
"Hiring more nurses would save patients' lives and reduce costs in the long run" meme
When the nurse that did all the work leaves and some dude comes in to read all the notes she just took and write a prescription meme
But if hospitals would save money by hiring *more* nurses, then why don't they do it? meme
More nurses reduce total healthcare costs Friends meme