Birth Equity Matters
Every mom deserves a break
Happy Mother's Day to the birth mothers, chosen mothers, adoptive mothers, etc.
Healthy births for all
Joyful and healthy births for all
In 1885, Mother's Day was founded as a protest in response to high infant mortality. We're still fighting.
Birth Equity Matters
All mothers deserve access to birthing options, doulas, midwives, etc.
Freedom Equality Maternity Spanish text
Black Mamas Matter
Support mothers and their decisions flag
Maternal Morality is much higher among Black women meme
"The greatest country in the world" yet has the highest maternal death rate of any developed nation meme
Rich vs poor people's access to birth control meme
It's a healthy human balloon
Maternal mortality rates in the US meme
The US maternal death rate is 10 times worse than any other industrialized country
US: best I can do is be #1 in maternal and infant mortality in the developed world meme